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The Cashen Fund

On Sunday July 12th 2015, family, friends and neighbors of Gail & Tony Cashen gathered on the grounds of the Austerlitz Historical Society to wish them well as they begin a new chapter in their life.  After calling Austerlitz home for nearly 30 years, the Cashens moved to Ithaca, NY in September.




For us at the Austerlitz Historical Society, the news came as a shock when we learned they’d be moving.  We of course are very happy for the opportunity they have in Ithaca and for the new life they will make there, but their moving will leave a void for the Society.  The Cashens have been long time supporters of the historical society.  Most recently, Gail has served as President of the Board of Trustees and Tony has been a work horse on the buildings and grounds committee.  Their work ethic and determination has brought the society into the 21st century.  While Gail has focused on the forward thinking development of the society, Tony tirelessly worked to have our Morey-Devereaux Barn, Carriage Shed and John Milburn Gate House erected.  The accomplishments over the last several years would not have been possible with their donation of time to the projects but also their generous financial contributions as well.

The Board of Trustees of the Austerlitz Historical Society would like to make sure that all of the work and effort put forth by the Cashen’s is not lost after their move.  It was announced today that, as a tribute to all of the hard work and accomplishments the Cashen’s have generously given us,  that a fund has been established in their name.  As of today, $35,000 has been contributed to the fund.  This fund will be used in a manner to be specified by the Cashen’s and will serve to insure that all of their contributions to moving the society forward continue long after their move.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to the fund, you may do so as follows:

Mail a check with “Cashen Fund” in the memo.  Mail it to:
PO Box 144
Austerlitz, NY 12017
RE: Cashen Fund

Make a tax-deductible donation online through our PayPal account:
(Please be advised PayPal will keep 2.2% of your donation as a processing fee.)

Thank you for supporting the Austerlitz Historical Society and for helping us to honor Tony & Gail.