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Volunteer at AHS

Old Austerlitz

Old Austerlitz

If you are interested in volunteering at the Austerlitz Historical Society, please contact us at 518-392-0062 or send us an email. We’d love to have you get involved.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
These volunteers are the construction workers for the Society. They mow lawns, repair/paint/erect buildings, move furniture, etc. They also “set up” and handle parking at our main events.

Membership Committee
Members of this committee recruit new members, send notification for yearly dues, maintain the computerized membership records and generate membership lists and labels for use by other committees.

Museum & Archives Committee
Volunteers are responsible for the respectful handling of objects and archival documents during the detailed accessioning, description, labeling and placement processes. Future activities include creating exhibits, maintaining collections, and providing some public service.

  • House Research Sub-Committee
    Historic Research Sub-Committee: The committee conducts research concerning any subject pertaining to the history of Austerlitz, whether to respond to individual genealogical inquiries or in pursuit of broad projects. Volunteers are encouraged to research subjects of particular interest to them. Currently the committee is conducting research for a book covering the “old houses” of Austerlitz: the approximately 160 surviving houses that appear on the 1888 atlas of the Town. The house research includes ownership history (chains of title), family history, and architectural analysis. The book also will cover other aspects of Austerlitz’s past to provide historical context for the houses.

Public Relations Committee
These volunteers prepare general publicity for the Society. (Newspaper articles, posters, etc.) They publish the newsletter and the annual calendar and maintain the website.

Events Committee
Some committee volunteers are full time members and are responsible for planning events for the Society. Some members are called upon to work only at the events. The major events are the Blueberry Festival and Autumn in Austerlitz.

For more information about the duties of committee members, the frequency of meetings or any other questions, call 392-0062 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]