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The Society’s New Book: “The Old Houses of Austerlitz”  

Coinciding with the bicentennial weekend, the Society will be releasing its new book “The Old Houses of Austerlitz:  The History and Early Architecture of a Rural New York Town.”  This is a big book about a small town. Six years in the making, it is 396 pages, in color, and includes:

♦ a 40 page history of the town, from the 1750s to the present, by Town Historian Tom Moreland

♦ a 25 page monograph on the architectural styles of the town’s historic houses, by Society trustee and architectural historian Michael Rebic

♦ individual histories of each of the 168 buildings (157 of them houses) in the town that date from 1760 to 1888, tracing ownership, with deed and mortgage citations and other available evidence, from the earliest record to the present

♦ over 70 historical photographs, in addition to contemporary photos of all 168 buildings profiled, including many interiors

♦ 20 short articles on various local history topics, e.g.: the old roads of Austerlitz; one-room schools; African Americans in Austerlitz; Edna St. Vincent Millay; Ellsworth Kelly; Oscar Beckwith (a/k/a the “Austerlitz Cannibal”); Kinneville and the Brown store.

The book has been funded by a grant from Furthermore, a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund, and donations from 15 town residents, so all sales proceeds will benefit the Society. The price for this hard cover book will be $35, but only $25 for paid-up members of the Society. It will be available during the June 9-10 bicentennial weekend, and thereafter from the Society by calling 518-392-0062 or you can order the book below. It will be shipped Priority Flat Rate Shipping for $7.25.

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